New executives: from “yuppies” to pragmatism

New executives generation is productive and recursive. Their weapons are technology, which eases to relate with others, and languages.

They have a high esthetic sense, speak two or three languages and eventhough they still have some old executive features, new leaders and managers investment have a new imprint that marks difference: technology knowledge.


Coaching: a whole life attitude

A guided process by specialists allows all the work equipment to develop their potential and productivity

Written by Doriana Faccini, Human Dimensions Manager

Have you heard about coaching? May be yes, and maybe you may thik it is a new “fashion” of modern administration.


A view at work scene in 2009

Know which could be your future during next year and what measures you must take to face actual world´s transformations.

With recent fall of Wall Street, many specialists emphasize in the need of making a reform from capitalist system argumentation to overcome financial problems, that trascend continental barriers.


Bad relationship affects performance

Hypocresy, non-fulfillment, haughtiness, superiors rudeness bothers Colombian workers, reveals recent study

To know which are the particularities of relation amoung country boss and employees, el opened a consultation through internet in which participated 4000 people from all organizational levels.


Patterns for a successful interview

Human resources experts give patterns to face this decisive encounter with a company

Old times in which work interviews were simple graduate relations, performed positions and wage aspirations passé.


Management Teams in Family Businesses

Written by Boris Gartner, Human Dimensions partner and Veneta Andanova

The argument that unites most studies about family businesses consists in highlighting in them a different behavior from others.


Favorable time for a working balance

Professional aspirations and growing opportunities are only some aspects to consider when setting your goals.

Before the end of December it is convenient to review all projects done along the year, remember pending tasks, and above all, identify those activities that will be next year´s priority.


Working addiction goes further than committment

If you never rest and live stressed without apparent reason it is posible that you suffer a professional sickness.


Time for new balances and purposes

According to experts, to make an auto evaluation is the first step to establish goals and define how to achieve them

Is December 31 and soon it will be midnight. Grapes, suitcases and even lentils, are reflection of to be achieved desires in the next starting cycle.


Autoanalysis before employment searching

The preparation you assume before work searching is a key to face any working change

Which is the first step that you follow when searching for a job? If what you regularly do is to update your curriculum, review your contact net or apply indiscriminately to working offers, maybe you´re at the wrong place.


The interview, a definitive moment

When facing a selection encounter it is necessary to communicate concise, clear and correctly in order to answer the formulated questions

A work interview it´s maybe the most decisive moment in business workforce hiring, because it allows discover true abilities or failures of each applicant. Based on expert´s advice, el gives tips to take maximum advantage of this process.


Plan your future at work

Having clear perspectives in work matters may increase committment and productivity

Sometime it has been asked where do you want to get to in work field or which are your professional goals.


Reinvent yourself at any position

Eventhough some companies don´t offer promoting options, this practice can´t be an obstacle to grow at work

Once your professional career starts, each employee searchs the opportuniy to develop both professional and personally.


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