Executive and Life Coaching

Coaching is a personalized accompaniment process in which individuals are able to reach their most desired dreams, achievements, interests and goals based in POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS with a coach, who acts as a “sounding board” for his client (coachee). This process helps the coachee to identify his strengths and obtain the best of them for his own benefit and for those near him, including the organization where he belongs, supervisors, peers as well as his family, spouse and children. In our Coaching, besides challenges, action and results, you will find the satisfaction of feeling in absolute control of your life.

Our coaching sessions can be performed in person or by phone from anywhere of the world. If you are interested in a free trial session, please contact us.


Organizational and Leadership Competency-based development Training

Human Dimensions International designs and facilitates training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences CUSTOMIZED FOR EACH CLIENT ORGANIZATION according to their specific needs. Our solutions are aimed to strengthen, improve and optimize competencies and managerial skills – soft skills – by linking them to an ideal profile, or based in the needs identified by our clients with the application of self-assessment instruments which identify specific development requirements or by means of other requirement detection methods. Contact us: we want to know what are your needs and we are sure that we can support you and your organization with an efficient and effective development of your most valuable asset: Human Talent.


Life project / Career Development and Orientation

Workshop directed to people (high-school students, professionals recently graduated professionals – fresh-outs, employees, individuals in career transition processes, retired, etc.) interested in achieving the necessary alignment and commitment that will allow them to satisfy their own career objectives as well as those of the Organization. Reinforces the idea that every individual should be the “manager of his own career” aligning it with the organization’s objectives and future, as well as with the vision, dreams and values of the individual as a complete, unique and unrepeatable human being.


Competency-Based Model and 360º Evaluation

Human Dimensions International designs and develops Competency-based Models for organizations, as well as 360º evaluation programs to measure required abilities and further gap identification between the present and desired situations. We have broad experience in the implementation of the model in relation with the ISO 9000 Quality Certification.


Human Talent Selection

Human Dimensions International offers competency-based selection processes including Talent Search, Evaluation and Pre-selection. Our selection and recruitment strategies are based on the individual requirements of each client with the final commitment of major quality and excellence.

Our search is based not only on the characteristics included in the profile that we receive from our client, but we also select high potential individuals, committed with the fulfillment of their professional objectives and that demonstrate some basic abilities that makes them successful individuals.

If you are interested in sending us your Curriculum, please do it here


Human Dimensions International offers its experience in networking creation for different specific areas of the Organization, interacting with other Companies of the same field or in the synergy chosen by the client. With the creation of networks, it is possible to build supportive interconnections in four basic relations: relating tasks, positions, relations or related personnel. Each of them allows consolidating links between people and Organizations.

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