The EMOTIONAL ARCHITECTURE® Program is a practical and effective instrument, which acts as a guide and support for those organizations interested in achieving higher levels of commitment, productivity and efficiency from their employees.

Individuals committed with themselves in achieving a lasting and stable balance between working, personal and professional life, by raising their level of awareness and gaining personal growth.


  • To develop the necessary skills to adapt to changes in organizational and personal life
  • To provide practical tools to change non constructive attitudes for others that generate efficiency and productivity, and that at the same time are inspirational for others
  • To promote self awareness and personal growth as important factors of self motivation and productivity
  • To emphasize the need for an appropriate balance or equilibrium between work and personal life
  • To provide an integral development for individuals so that personal growth will go hand in hand with work and professional development



  • Sensitize participants to the changes in the current working environment and encourage them to identify them, accept them and use them as opportunities for growth and development
  • Review, discovery and enhancement of individual skills such as leadership skills, proactivity, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, among others, in order to achieve a comprehensive development
  • Generate attitude changes directed towards sustainable success, both for the individual and the Organization
  • Ensure participant´s consistency and commitment with their own development, understanding that this is their sole responsibility and depends on their own motivation for progress and growth
  • Provide self motivation and communication tools as an important means of growth




  • The program lasts a total of thirty (35) hours divided into seven (7) modules
  • Each module has a duration of five (5) hours
  • The modules can be customized to the requirements of the Organization
  • Groups of 15-20 people maximum
  • Core modules (1) and Personality (2) are maintained in each program as prerequisites
  • Modules may be facilitated on different days or consecutively
  • Immediate application of topics both in the workplace and in the personal field
  • Methodology is based on self-reflection and interaction among participants
  • Group activities and dynamic simulations, as well as various self-assessment tools for appropriation of new knowledge and attitudes
  • The program contains follow up sessions distributed among the modules according to the customization done



  • In organizations, to employees at all levels of contribution, who are interested in developing skills that will enable them to face challenges, solve problems in a clear, concise and effective way, as well as overcoming all type of obstacles that prevent them from being efficient, productive and happy
  • In particular, to all those individuals interested in raising their awareness level, achieve significant personal growth and offer the best of themselves both in the workplace and in the personal and family fields



  • As a core program for Change Management initiatives
  • As a cornerstone for individual development based in competency management skills such as leadership, communication and assertiveness, proactivity, among others
  • As a tool to improve cohesion and collaboration of a group and make a true and efficient team work
  • As a self-development and motivational tool, generating positive and effective interpersonal relationships
  • As a guide and motivation in the employees to achieve a proper balance between work and personal life
  • As an important guide for developing competencies and particularly customer orientation skills
  • As a support program in conflict management
  • Indispensable as a key tool in reducing high levels of stress



  • Effective guide in identifying strengths and areas for development, both at work and in the personal life
  • Exploration of personal work functioning and performance
  • Communication skills and interpersonal relationships improvement
  • Enhance self-esteem and self-understanding
  • Achieve a balance between work and personal life

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