About Us

Human Dimensions International is an organization focused on its clients and their specific requirements in the Human Development field, continuously seeking to overcome their expectations with a proactive service based on positive and effective relations that allow us to achieve much more than just satisfied clients: unconditional clients.

Our Vision

To be recognized as inspirers of human growth and change agents, both in individuals and in organizations.

Our Mission

To effectively impact the organizations’ performance and productivity with innovative managerial development programs focused on human growth and expansion of individuals who comprise them.

Our Motivating Belief

We firmly believe that every person builds its own reality model, and thereof changes in beliefs constitute a powerful way of modifying behavior. Along with learning experiences nourished by action and investigation, we attempt to encourage personal growth and conscience level in individuals, work teams and organizations as performance’s essential ingredients for the business’ success.

Our added value

We are specialists in personal growth, starting from the individual’s deep development as a unique and unrepeatable BEING whose emotions, values, principles and beliefs play a fundamental role in his productivity and success.

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