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Workshop directed to people (high-school students, professionals recently graduated professionals – fresh-outs, employees, individuals in career transition processes, retired, etc.) interested in achieving the necessary alignment and commitment that will allow them to satisfy their own career objectives as well as those of the Organization. Reinforces the idea that every individual should be the “manager of his own career” aligning it with the organization’s objectives and future, as well as with the vision, dreams and values of the individual as a complete, unique and unrepeatable human being.

We intend to achieve a synergy between the Organization requirements and Personal needs and desires, with which the working relationship is strengthened and the results for both are optimized. At the same time it helps the participant to adapt in the fast-changing environment, determine what he wants to achieve both personal and professionally and the best way of doing it.

Human Dimensions International has designed, directed and facilitated more than 45 Career Development and Orientation workshops with the participation of all level personnel from the oil industry in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Likewise, our contents are customized in order to satisfy the requirements of groups that are going through professional (retirement, interests swap, etc.) or personal (separation, loss, divorce, etc.) transitions as well as part of outplacement programs. According to the specific format of the workshop, internationally renowned self-knowledge instruments are applied.

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