Executive and Life Coaching

Coaching is a personalized accompaniment process in which individuals are able to reach their most desired dreams, achievements, interests and goals based in POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS with a coach, who acts as a “sounding board” for his client (coachee). This process helps the coachee to identify his strengths and obtain the best of them for his own benefit and for those near him, including the organization where he belongs, supervisors, peers as well as his family, spouse and children. In our Coaching, besides challenges, action and results, you will find the satisfaction of feeling in absolute control of your life.

Our coaching sessions can be performed in person or by phone from anywhere of the world. If you are interested in a free trial session, please contact us.

Our purpose is to develop the potential of those persons or teams which we work with in a methodical, structured and effective way. Essentially, we try to enrich the mental model of our clients (coachees) increasing their level of consciousness and easing the step towards the action, by setting and fulfilling significant challenges based on powerful questions and descriptive feedback – different from evaluative feedback.

Therefore, we emphasize in both the tasks and the relations, centering in defining and reaching specific objectives. We help people to efficiently achieve these objectives in various levels, covering the existing gap between what they are and what they want to be.   This implies extracting outside forces and supporting them so that they are able to overcome barriers and personal limitations in order to obtain the best of themselves, realize their potential and act as effective team members, being the so-called team family, working team, and sports team among others.   

The added value of our coaching to organizations is reflected essentially in the following aspects:

  • Employee performance improvement
  • Potential development
  • Interpersonal relationships enhancement
  • Leadership encouragement
  • Eases motivation
  • Increases implication
  • Strengthens self esteem

Coaching benefits everybody, with no discriminations either by age, condition, genre, or social status, since it involves improvement in both personal and working aspects of life. Our programs are directed to all levels of the organization, as part of their competency-based programs and gap reduction among others.

Some situations where our coaching has proved its usefulness and success are:

  • Individuals who want to clarify their vision and life purpose, based on the achievement of a life balance between personal and working aspects.
  • Persons who want to achieve their own concept of success and feel backed up in their journey to the top.
  • Those who are in a process of situational change both in their personal and working life: loss, separation, divorce, retirement, career transition, employment termination, etc.
  • Professionals and students interested in leading their own career development and life project.
  • Managers or professionals, who have been promoted to a new position, assumed new responsibilities or have penetrated into a new work field or dimension.
  • Persons who know what they DO NOT want, but not what they want.
  • Executives who want to be inspiring and powerful leaders in the interaction with their partners and at the same time exercise a core-values based management but still keeping focused in strategy.
  • Those who recognize their need for better time management and decision making skills, as well as discipline.
  • In teams, groups of people who would like to reach high performance standards, focusing in achieving synergy between members, improving interaction, role clarification and competitive capacity among others.
  • And very specially, those persons interested in their own evolution and personal growth in every dimension of their existence: personal, work and family aspects.

We offer coaching programs for individuals or groups, by means of a network of professional coaches, members of the International Coach Federation - ICF and using international well-known instruments of self-knowledge.

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