New executives: from “yuppies” to pragmatism

New executives generation is productive and recursive. Their weapons are technology, which eases to relate with others, and languages.

They have a high esthetic sense, speak two or three languages and eventhough they still have some old executive features, new leaders and managers investment have a new imprint that marks difference: technology knowledge.

They use it as a weapon, they enjoy it and have incorporated it to a new life style, which has converted work places into virtual office, where achievieng goals and objectives is what is important.

The “ants” that stood in a cubicle, receiving patts in the back from their inmediate boss and that rejoiced  the everlasting phrase “How fulfilling you are”, had been sustituted by pragmatic youngsters that don´t boast from their out of  borders titles “because that´s the rule, not the exception”.

“Companies are searching executives that have excelent inter personal relations, with a high  team work sense and disposed to share their knowledge” affirms Doriana Faccini Human Dimensions manager, who points that selection processes every day are more important for competences.

Titles, she adds, are important but work market is seeking for directives with ability to relate and form efficient, high performance work teams and in that a determined moment can be substituted by someone.

“There´s no need for selfish ones as years ago, who reserved information to hold onto their position”

Those times in which the important thing was to fulfill a schedule are gone. Economy globalization, inevitable irruption of information society and constant habits and consumers and clients manners changes, imposed new demands.


What do companies seek?

Modern firms require innovators, able to adapt to changes. More than reactive, companies seek proactive, future vision leaders and with high service vocation.

For Iliana Páez, Colombian Externado University, Business Administration, Leadership Center Director, one of the new executive demanded characteristic is integrity. Honest, ethic, with social responsability executives, it´s marking the pattern.

Who in the past used an address but their actions were in different direction, gave way to the coherents, that teach with example and are conscious about emotional intelligence importance as a compettitive and productive factor.

Paez points that what market perceives are directors with strategic capabilities, results clear orientation, excellent communicatiors and have creative and team work development capacity.

There is not enough with Harvard´s titles with which “yuppies” from 80´s and beginning of the 90´s decade thought they counted, but its effectiveness.

“Golden rule is quality before quantity” points Human Capital Consulting consultant, specialized remmuneration and compensation firm.


Life patterns and working conditions are different. They work from home or a farm, use last generation mobiles, electronic agenda and PC, which are infaltable.

Much more; much of the meetings are virtual, which has given place to what “futurist” called telework.

Many companies in the country – affirms Human Dimensions manager, prefer that their directives remain out of the office. “The modality is not buying work hours, but results” points the specialist, after saying that this is also a way to retain good executives.

A final 80´s and begininng 90´s decade generalized paradigm, were that better work options were for the youngest and that after 30 or 33 years you were out of market. Experience counts, says Faccini, and company values it.

Maybe this situation came because of boom´s reforms that came after economic openness.

With the adjustments to labor and pension laws, many companies thought that hiring aged people would imply over costs to the financial structure, for being closer to jubilation. But market already decanted adjusts and the myth “old 35 or 40” has been overcomed.

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October 24, 2005

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