A view at work scene in 2009

Know which could be your future during next year and what measures you must take to face actual world´s transformations.

With recent fall of Wall Street, many specialists emphasize in the need of making a reform from capitalist system argumentation to overcome financial problems, that trascend continental barriers.

According to economist Joseph Stiglitz, New York´s unleashed financial crisis is for market fundamentalism, what fallen Berlin Wall was for communism.

Under this premise, development countries under first world nations´ shadow, are wondering about their financial destiny and their progress in relation with world situation.

Osvaldo Rosales Villavicencio, Cepal´s International and Integration Commerce Division director, affirm that Latinamerica will be affected, because it´s about a global mechanism and not isolated.

For this expert the effects over the region will reflect in economic decrease desacelaration, increase in unemployment index and investment discouragement.

Under this scene, Colombian specialists assure that eventhough there will be  companie´s adjustments, general situation won´t  represent  trascendental out of context mistmaches.

“Unemployment will continue being one of the principal countries economy  problems, I personally think that next year´s rate won´t go down one digit, it will be between 12 and 13 per cent”, affirms Augusto Buitrago Market Team, Human Management, manager.

In this sense, Buitrago assures that underemployment will trend to increase because people without work will seek for surviving alternatives and they will appeal to informality option.

By other side, Angela Doriana Faccini, International Human Dimensions director, says that possibly sectors that will open more vacants during 2009 will be areas related with textiles, pharmaceutics, communications and energetic.

“I think least generators will be agriculture and construction sectors” she adds.

Faccini advices to those who have among their projects to search for a better position the following patterns:

  • Make a strength and weaknesses auto analysis
  • Review laboral market alternatives
  • Make a concrete search in the field were you have more skills
  • Elaborate a strategy to modiify your curriculum according to what you have planned.


What does Colombian think?

To know the opinión of everyday´s workers, el empleo.com opened a debate through internet in which it was asked how next year´s environement is perceived. Next we outline some received comments:

“Probably for next year there will be changes, many difficult situations and others good, but most important is that each person reflects about what they really want and be prepared to do it. For example, forming a company, creatin foundations, studying music, among others and dedicate their physical and mental energy to achieve it”, Carolina Buitrago.

“Even if it´s true that we´re going through a financial crisis, it´s also true that from problems, opportunities born, then it´s the moment to market yourself as a person and as a professional”. Milena Alexandra Ducuara.

“Next year´s crisis its a fact, unemployment will increase, while family budget surelly will be at the top, much more because of social problems left by pyramids in our country”. Adriana Téllez.

“Year 2009 will be a difficult one for all workers, the ones who have one job will be in risk of loosing it and the ones that do not have one, will have difficulties finding”Roberto Osorio.

Published article in el empleo.com

December 2, 2008

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