Bad relationship affects performance

Hypocresy, non-fulfillment, haughtiness, superiors rudeness bothers Colombian workers, reveals recent study

To know which are the particularities of relation amoung country boss and employees, el opened a consultation through internet in which participated 4000 people from all organizational levels.

The 44 per cent of respondents say they have a friendly link with their superior and 20 per cent says that it is polite. On the contratry, 25 percent of asked people, thinks that is stressful and 11 percent argues that is distant.

According to Claudia Fernández, commercial boss of el empleo,con, differences between boss and workers may appear for two reasons: the first of all is lack of communication between company members and second, not having clear organizational objectives that want to be achieved.

About bothering situations for employees from their superiors, hypocresy is the leading characteristic of this consultation with 30 per cent, follows haughtiness with 22 per cent, non-fulfillment with 21 per cent, rudness with 19 per cent and in minor proportion, credit robbery with 13 per cent. The persons that answered this question could choose more than one option.

“Bad bosses are characterized for being arbitrary, authoritarian, impose functions and never have arguments to support their ideas” said Claudia Fernández.

Catalina Aldana, commercial chief of el empleo,com assures that lack of activities coordination and  superior credibility  ausence among his employees, are the principal causes to generate conflicts in organizations.

The consulted persons also gave opinion about the characteristics that an ideal boss must have. According to respondents the main strenghts must be leadership (80 per cent), and charisma (66 per cent). Other favorable points which a superior must have are creativity (42 per cent), work experience (43 per cent) and academic training (43 per cent). Each respondent had the option of selecting more than one answer.

Claudia Fernández adds that “is indispensable to be a leader, know your team work, listen to collaborators opinions and potencialize abilities of each crew member”.

Seventy five percent of consulted persons by el recognize that a bad relationship between boss and workers may affect company´s productivity. Only 18 per cent beleives just a little and 7 per cent thinks it doesn´t affects.

“When criteria differences are presented between a company´s members, corporative results and work performance are directly perjudicated” explains Catalina Aldana.

To the question, do you have the capabilities to realize the work of your actual boss? 65 percent of respondet answered yes. However, 35 per cent, beleive they are not in condition to do their superior functions.

Additionally, Claudia Fernández, assures that to have a good relationship with bosses is important that employee is disposed to learn, accepts feedback negative as positive and achieves company´s objectives.

“From relation between bosses and employees dependes an enterprise success”concludes ldana.

Gender matter?

Another study made by el could establish that Colombian workers accept easier members of masculine sex in chief positions.

According to consultation, 55 per cent of respondent prefers a man as an inmediate boss, and only 15 per cent prefers a woman, and for 30 per cent it is indifferent.

About professional success, 69 per cent of participants affirms that masculine gender are better leaders, on the contrary, 31 per cent attributes this quality to femenine sex.

According to psychologist Andrés Rojas, opportunities at directive positions or managerial, favor men more.

In fact, probe results realized evidenciate that most of women work in adminstrative and commercial areas.

Under this scene, Doriana Faccini, International Human Dimensions manager assures that recognizing cultural, social and psychological differences between men and women constitutes the first step to incorporate adequately femenine gender into labor work.

Published article in el

January 5, 2009

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